There’ s Nothing Better than Finding Gay Hookups in Honolulu, Hawaii

Compared with other only-in-Hawaii culinary experiences, such as Liliha Bakery and Waioloa Shave Ice, Puka Dog is indeed a tad overrated, but it's still a worthy notch in the belt of any inveterate Honolulu food explorer. Visiting the Arizona is free and involves watching an excellent short minute movie about the attack and then boarding a boat for a trip out to the memorial site built atop the sunken Arizona battleship, whose gun towers still poke out of the water.

A view of Waikiki beach and its string of high-rise hotels at night, from the groin jetty that extends from the Outrigger Reef on the Beach Hotel it's to the left of the Halekulani Hotel, the property pictured here on the very left - the Reef is one of the most luxurious of the several Waikiki hotels that make up the gay-friendly Outrigger chain.

Whether you're headed to the Big Island or the other appealing destinations in the state, you will find gay life, gay beaches, gay bars and community among the lava rocks and grass skirts. There's also an outdoor shower to the right, in this picture , which is helpful for cleaning sand off yourself before donning flip-flops or shoes.

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So for all but the most coltish condimentarians, I suggest going this route. This is beautiful, remote stretch of sand, which is also known as Lighthouse Beach, is free from the overcrowding that's common around the bend in Waikiki. Following a massively ambitious renovation by the gay-friendly Starwood hotel group, Waikiki's vaunted and uber-pink Royal Hawaiian Resort Kalakaua Ave.

There’ s Nothing Better than Finding Gay Hookups in Honolulu, Hawaii
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