The Pakistani government hates gays so much

Many Pakistanis were greatly offended by this and called this event an act of "social and cultural terrorism against the country". Archived from the original on 8 January Only equal age of consent in Punjab.

Many intersex people around the world are forced to undergo dangerous, invasive and completely unnecessary surgeries that can cause life-long physical and psychological side the Pakistani government hates gays so much. Retrieved 2 May Sid is quoted as saying "We have to understand that by just mentioning the third gender identity on your CNIC, the state has not done enough.

They are guaranteed the right to inherit assets and to run for public office. MSMs allowed to donate blood. Blood donations by MSMs in Pakistan? LGBT rights in Asia.

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BBC News. Yes No. Retrieved 5 March Instead we have a government that is turning its back and looking the other way. There was no notion of responsibility that allowed duty bearers to selectively hold out on protection. Pakistani media strictly censors LGBT related news stories.

Edward Mwebaza, deputy executive director of HRAPF, said that neighborhood children found the door open at around 5 p. But in , the festival was banned. Sexual orientations include lesbian women who are attracted to women , gay usually men who are attracted to other men, bisexual attracted to men and women , pansexual attracted to individuals, regardless of gender , asexual not sexually attracted to anyone.

Reuse this content. When a Chinese court accepted to hear a case regarding the issue of same-sex marriage , the news story received substantial international coverage.

The Pakistani government hates gays so much

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