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Patreon logo. And that's to make videos and talk about anything and everything in my world of geeks and anything gay related. I make close to one video a day. In X-Men 3, the team faces off against a new ecoterrorist group called the HordeCulture.

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  • Sean Cody.
  • I love being behind a camera.
  • You will also get video blogs vlogs with some extras here and there.
  • Lucas Entertainment Summary: Andrea Suarez has one hell of a heartbreaking smile — if he flashes those pearly whites, then any guy will swoon for him. I spoke with the Gay Comic Geek, also known as Paul Charles, to find out how he started his online presence.
  • It wasn't fair.

About GayComicGeek. Check out my Patreon site at: www. A unique thing concerning the Gay Comic Geek is that his reviews are largely unscripted, and do not involve him portraying a fictional character. October 31, , Patreon No comments.

Regardless, we have newly weds Dante Colle and Calvin moving into a haunted sex demonic house that is just filled with tons of cum filled fantasies to work out amongst our protagonists It can be hard on certain days, but other days, it can be pretty damn awesome.

The Gay Comic Geek
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