Minority stress and mental health in gay men

For these individuals, the factors damaging their health are beyond their control. A shortage of black doctors may also be a factor. That can be very liberating and empowering. Therefore, this principle seeks to affirm healthy, rewarding aspects of sexuality among LGB individuals as a way to promote mental, sexual, and behavioral health in this population.

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  • Department of Health and Human Services. In line with the model tested in this study, clinicians should assess ER difficulties in LGB clients as a possible mechanism linking instances of discrimination to problematic alcohol and substance use.
  • Firstly, the data were cross-sectional, which means that direct tests of causality and temporal direction were not possible. Hypothesized model.
  • Significant changes in model fit were tested for nested models using chi-square difference tests, and the better-fitting model was considered to be the model with the lowest Akaike information criterion AIC; Akaike,
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Minority stress and mental health in gay men

The global BSI score has a coefficient alpha of. Instructional manipulation checks: detecting satisficing to increase statistical power. International Review of Psychiatry, 27 5 , — For example, Erving Goffman observed that racial minorities approach social interactions with a high degree of anxiety, because they have been discriminated against in the past.

Other studies have linked proximal stressors and health outcomes for African Americans.

Minority stress and mental health in gay men
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