Lesbian or gay parent might have experienced divorce in a

Following the breaking down multiple categorisation of the data, axial coding occurred, whereby the categories were refined or clustered into key categories that subsumed several categories. The experiences specifically associated with a parent coming out, namely increased sensitivity to societal LGB prejudice and reflection on sexual orientation, although minor, caused additional sources of tension at times.

Those who had access to sibling support found that humorous interactions helped defuse family tension arising at family occasions. I feel sadness looking back at family photos and seeing us all together as a family with mum and dad and pictures of their honeymoon or their wedding. Recruiting larger samples of sons and daughters and exploring their experiences at differing developmental stages, including adulthood, may add additional depth to lesbian or gay parent might have experienced divorce in a current findings.

Families who see themselves welcomed in a school brochure, for example, or mentioned in a kindergarten class on family diversity, will be far more likely to openly disclose to their communities. Your ability to communicate with your spouse makes you great candidates for an amicable, colloraborative divorce.

There are many consequences of their decision, however. Keep your anger at your spouse in check. Jim Burroway notes, among other things, that "Regnerus notes that the original raw sample showed that 1. The basic results call into question simplistic notions of "no differences," at least with lesbian or gay parent might have experienced divorce in a generation that is out of the house.

In another family, 12 year old Joshua's two lesbian mothers had him through donor insemination.

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Gay stepfamilies: A triple-stigmatised group. New York: Routledge; Adult sons and daughters had had more collective and parental memories to explore and reflect on. While the degree of stress arising varies between children, families and over time [ 4 ], and the effect sizes are small for long-term negative outcomes [ 5 ], some painful emotions such as a sense of loss, anger and anxiety are reported by the majority of children whose parents separate [ 67 ].

Despite the variability of ages and family backgrounds the participant reports showed high convergence with each other and an explanatory theory of the social processes involved emerged. Participants who were very young when their parent came out tended to devote less focused thought on the sexual orientation of others.

Although the small sample size and methodology prohibits the generalisation of findings, replicability is not relevant given that the focus of theory generation is to offer a new perspective on a given situation which may guide further exploration and focus [ 46 ].

They made me feel that this is ok, this is normality; this is just the way it is. Academy of Management Journal. Eleven of the 15 were directly disclosed to by their LGB parent five mothers; six fathers ; the remaining four by their heterosexual parent three mothers; one father.

Lesbian or gay parent might have experienced divorce in a

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