If you re a gay or bisexual man

Sexual Orientations Explained: Lesbian, Gay, Heterosexual and Bisexual

However, bisexual might be a real NO because I prefer exclusive and I don't know if bis Thinking about the bisexual men I know -- most of them tend to date bisexual women. Well, yes, there are a few. I have good news for you: Bisexual women exist, and you have compatible sexualities.

However, since monogamy is a very important criteria for me, I would not be ok with him continuing relationships with other partners of either gender while courting or after we get married.

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  • Having said that, they're proving what we in the community already know. Forgot password?
  • Dating him would involve a real chance of a heartbreak, which I just don't want to risk.

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If you re a gay or bisexual man
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