Gay Life in Ukraine 2008

Ukraine hosts largest ever gay pride parade

Retrieved 20 January The world gay community greets them with cheers avoiding the obvious truth: the only true intention of the impostors is to come faster to Western money. Human Rights Watch said authorities should treat the incident as a hate crime. The Ukrainian capital Kiev Kyiv is the main centre of gay and lesbian life.

And that's a familiar story in Ukraine. Privacy Policy. Read more.

Thief snaps her leg planet of a gay and why

Someone you pick up or meet at a train station or sleazy bar at 2 AM may not be the best representative of the gay community or country here. Kelly, J. One march participant had to be rescued by a press photographer. In September , the first, albeit small, public pride parade was held in Kyiv.

Living, or even just surviving, in these territories has immediately become a daily hell for the local population, especially for those affected by violence and discrimination based on homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia.

Gay Life in Ukraine 2008
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