Gay Life in Estonia

Estonia was the first and so far only former Soviet-occupied state to recognize gay marriages performed overseas in a similar manner to Israel , and we hope this will help Estonia progress to full-marriage equality soon. There is a deep-seated tradition of tolerance of other denominations and religions.

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  • The case finally was delivered to a court of justice where the couple prevailed in the case.
  • There is something wrong with them. The objectors are a small minority who are really radically against gay issues, and they have a very loud voice.
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  • The incident caused international news.
  • Virumaa Teataja in Estonian.
  • Like a long-lost Nordic brother, Estonia is seeking to model itself after progressive Copenhagen or Helsinki.

According to a Eurobarometer survey published in , only 13 percent of Estonians professed to have homosexual friends or acquaintances, compared to a 34 percent average in the EU. Destination Expert for Tallinn, Finland, Helsinki. Hetero-infidelity is not uncommon among married couples, especially among men.

At the same time, people don't like to make a scene. In , Estonia passed the Gender Neutral Civil Partnership Act, becoming the first post-Soviet country to recognize same-sex partnership.

Gay Life in Estonia
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