Demonstrations surrounding the gay rights march in Washington

Clinton spoke of diversity in America and…. Throughout the weekend, delegates debated many aspects of the march itself, including the needs of more marginalized members of the community - lesbian and gay people of color, those living in poverty and with disabilities. Lvng1Tor You never disappoint, well I mean you always disappoint…I guess what I mean is you are consistent in your disappointing responses.

The event, which occurred on the mall near the Washington Memorial in Washington, DC, was planned to show support for legislation granting equal rights for homosexuals in American society, including anti-discrimination regulations based on sexual orientation and an end to the ban on homosexuals in the U.

You must not have read the article. Police on the scene estimated numbers during the actual march to be closer to ,

A gay bar at 43 Christopher

  • The movement continued to address issues faced by LGBTQ citizens, culminating with a major victory in June when the Supreme Court ruled state-level bans on same-sex marriage were unconstitutional.
  • I stated this was on every Gay media website.
  • More information on the proposed march can be obtained here.

The primary demands were: [4]. Massachusetts became the first state to do so in ; the U. What do you think? Held on Oct. The New York Times.

Demonstrations surrounding the gay rights march in Washington
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