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After they had finally taken care of the Galra Empire, there had been the reconstruction efforts, the negotiations, diplomatic missions, taking care of the few cells still living by Zarkons ideology, etc. Spoiler Tanjirou is asked by his family in a flashback which girl he would like to marry, he answers he would like to marry a Shibu Inu that like a lily of the valley.

Identical memories spread across each and everyone of them. And since it's a shounen it's pretty obvious they're going to get together. According to the history of gender fluidity posted on Wikipedia, which, honestly, is the only source I trust to be unbiased about this.

Sam pointedly agrees with Coach that yes, those fashionable guys are okay.

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We must always understand that moral evaluations or assessments are the result of imaginative rehearsal and ultimately of choice. Murray and Will Roscoe's collection Boy-Wives and Female Husbands , in particular, revealed the striking panoply of sexual roles and relationships in various parts of Africa; same-sex sexuality in Africa, particularly "pre-modern" Africa, was often situational and usually accepted so long as it did not preclude marriage and children.

Christian missionary zeal was, in part, responsible, along with many "subtle cultural influences arising out of European discourses around sexual morality, economic progress, and science" p. Robinson, P.

But how the“ I think this notion that( gay- centric
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