Blind gossip- fueled theories that she s secretly gay and

And what mother Priyanka would say? Can some1 clarify 1. Alot of us have been following the unusual number of sealed Indictments that started piling up across the country around Thanksgiving. Natalie Kenly and the goddess time period was some weird shit. For god's sake if this actually happened why are any of the concerned truthseekers posting vague insinuations to a blind item gossip site and not involving the cops?

She's the face of this women's event and she's the one taking issue with Nikki Bella being in a relationship with a man. I have someone being very nice to me. Diddy and his son, Justin Combs, And was a girl! She's gone full Mamie Van Doren.

Принимаю. Вопрос blind gossip- fueled theories that she s secretly gay and отличный, порекомендую

Just askin'. We've known about most of them for years. What exactly did she say? This time the offspring decides to tell someone and tells her dad. If its true, then it would be an A list actress who lost custody of her daughter to her ex-husband, and the daughter is now grown up.

Nugent adopted a girl so he could bang her. Given what I've been reading about so many of these celebrities whose music and movies I grew up in awe of, I have this sad feeling that I'll soon be experiencing a LOT more dissonance. I'm so sorry that this happened to you.

Kevin McCarthy republican from Bakersfield. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. These days fading celebs are making a name for themselves by doing ever more stupid and shitty things to keep their names in the paper.

Blind gossip- fueled theories that she s secretly gay and

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